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Because of the great possibility of being involved with bloodshed, all my life I largely felt policemen or soldiers could never be within God’s perfect will.  Although still possibly saved in their ignorance of God’s perfect plan.  Additionally this anti gun and bloodshed view tended to make me feel a bit estranged from sincere Christians that felt otherwise.  Although extensive study regarding various other subjects, changed my views on them, my prohibitive view about bloodshed, police, and soldiers remained intact through much study.  Nevertheless in this recent study and writing I was made to see things a bit different.  It certainly has been a challenge for me to know how to blend Christ's repeated teachings about not being of this world, loving and doing good to enemies, putting the sword back in its sheath (as those that take it will perish with it), and yes bearing persecution, with various other Scriptures which sound significantly different.  Yes a challenge to blend those non violence teachings together with other Biblical issues such as Jesus so greatly complimenting the Centurion's (an army general's) faith, as well as two other NT Scriptures that amazingly do not rebuke army generals and soldiers, and further still to blend Christ's draw back the sword teaching with Paul's teaching about governments being God's Ministers for our protection and wellbeing, and therewith not holding the sword in vain, and worthy of payment for their vital work.  

   Jesus in His ministry was speaking to a people who God had clearly commanded to use the sword, and therewith regarding several wicked nations, actually commanded to utterly destroy man, woman, and child.  Although possibly surprising, it should not be overlooked that even in that rough war era some Scriptures actually advocated DOING GOOD TO ENEMIES, and yes had their place even then.  Yes Jesus' do good to enemies teaching was not altogether new. Considering in those ancient times, DO GOOD TO ENEMIES TEACHINGS, obviously were not intended to disallow the sword, should we conclude they now must be taken as far as to rebuke or condemn all police?  Yes denounce those Paul calls ministers of God who don't bear the sword in vain, and declared worthy of payment as they for our good often endanger themselves while attending continually upon halting evil doers  (Rom 16:4-6)?  Concerning those Paul declared MINISTERS OF GOD as this, would Christ like many Christians, nevertheless count them to be merely unrighteous ministers of a Kingdom other than His, although endangering their lives to protect even those in His kingdom?  May God help us understand His truth whatever it is!  Although Jesus' famous teaching to turn the other cheek certainly has a time and meaning, interestingly Apostle Paul did not turn the other cheek, and it appears Jesus neither did so when struck, and may God help us to rightly determine the life giving intent of Christ's non violence teachings, rather than misapply the letter of the law which often completely misses the point (John 18:22-23, Act 23:2-3 2 Cor 3:6).   Yes Jesus certainly instigated significant change about the sword, but just where did He place God's new boundaries?  May we be open and honest in our search.  In reality, although the below document may tend to make some more condoning or liberal about the sword, it may also, and rightly so make others more conservative about it.

   The below document also researches how Christians should relate to governments and politics as they endeavor to teach all nations, and seek to promote God's will on earth as done in heaven.  Jesus vividly taught to pray that God's will would be done on earth as done in heaven, and as Christians sincerely seek to make that a reality, should they be very ready to vote and take political office to thereby further Godly principles on earth?  Or should they rather intentionally and freely stand back from all such because Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world and its dark ways, and thus freely leave governments in darkness and as unreconcilable.  And therewith should Christians even further advocate that all true followers of Christ should leave all governmental positions because Christ's kingdom is not of this world, and thus make government which Paul spoke of as God's ministers for our good, darker still?  May God have mercy and teach us!

A Concise Conclusion Is Given After The Document

A Concise Conclusion Of The Above Pages

   Just because Christ’s kingdom is not of this world, and rather a kingdom of peace and love which promotes redeeming and doing good to enemies, and therewith advocates putting back the sword rather than taking it, does not mean Christ’s Kingdom can never endorse, but must condemn all governmental use of the  sword  to  halt  evil doers and protect the righteous.  Rather Romans 13 calls sword bearing government (earthly kingdoms), ministers of God who do not hold the sword in vain, and worthy of payment for what they do.  Further, just because Christ's Kingdom is not of this world, does not mean  we must hold sword bearing Governments of this world at arms length as if wicked institutions to stay completely apart from, rather than seeking to influence them with the good will of God in every way possible, including from within and without.

   Nevertheless most wars among the nations have corruption on both sides as well as possibly having those who claim to be upright Christians on both sides.  And therewith to quickly and broadly honor or endorse being a soldier in the wars among the nations is quite thoughtless.  Whose side is God really on, as both sides will likely claim that God is on their side.  And  while further it is very possible that God is not really on either side of the war.  May Christians be very careful in how they might esteem, honor, or endorse holding the sword in the wars among the nations.     

   Below are links to documents about the sword and war which I wrote in the past.   Although I see things a bit different now the below documents do share many aspects to ponder.  The below documents basically give no room for policemen or soldiers to be within God's foremost and perfect plan.  But rather places such positions in a God's secondary plan where people certainly could be saved in their honest ignorance. 

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